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"The Ten Most Dangerous Mistakes YOU Probably Make With Women— And What To Do About It...” - Canadian Dating Community

About "The Ten Most Dangerous Mistakes YOU Probably Make With Women— And What To Do About It...”

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Ten Most Dangerous Mistakes YOU Probably

Make With Women—

And What To Do About It...

Are The Top Ten Reasons Why Men Fail With Women—And How To Make Sure YOU Avoid
Every One Of These Deadly Common Mistakes...

David DeAngelo, Author Of “Double Your Dating”

#1: Being

Too Much Of A “Nice Guy”

you ever noticed that the really attractive women never seem to be attracted "nice"

Of course you have.

Just like me, I'm sure you've had attractive female friends that always seemed
to date "jerks"... but for some reason they were never romantically interested
in YOU.

What's going on here?

It's actually very simple...

Women don't base their choices of men on how "nice" a guy is. They choose
the men they do because they feel a powerful GUT LEVEL ATTRACTION for them.

And guess what?

Being nice doesn't make a woman FEEL that powerful ATTRACTION.

And being NICE doesn't make a woman CHOOSE you.

I realize that this doesn't make a lot of logical sense, and it's hard to

Until you accept this FACT and begin to act on it, you'll NEVER have the success
with women that you want.

#2: Trying To

“Convince Her To Like You"

What do most guys
do when they meet a woman that they REALLY like... but she's just notinterested?

Right! They try to "convince" the woman to feel differently.


Never, ever, EVER.

You cannot CONVINCE a woman to feel differently about you with "logic and

Think about it.

If a woman doesn't "feel it" for you, how in the world do you expect to change
that FEELING by being "reasonable" with her?

But we all do it.

When a woman just isn't interested, we beg, plead, chase, and do our best
to change her mind.

Bad idea. One that will never work.

#3: Looking To Her

For Approval Or Permission

In our desire
to please women (which we mistakenly think will make them like us), us guys are
always doing things to get a woman's "approval" or "permission".

Another HORRIBLE idea.

Women are NEVER attracted to the types of men who kiss up to them... EVER.

Don't get me wrong here.

You don't have to treat women BADLY for them to like you.

But if you think that treating a woman well means "always getting her approval
and permission for things", think again.

You will never succeed by looking for approval. Women actually get ANNOYED
at men who seek their approval.

Doubt me? Just ask any attractive woman if Wussy guys who chase her around
and want her approval annoy her...

MISTAKE #4: Trying To “Buy” Her Affection With Food And Gifts

How many times
have you taken a woman out to a nice dinner, bought her gifts and flowers, and
had her REJECT you for someone who didn't treat her even HALF as well as you did?

If you're like me, then you've had it happen a LOT.

Well guess what?

It's only NATURAL when this happens...

That's right, I said NATURAL.

When you do these things, you send a clear message:

"I don't think you'll like me for who I am, so I'm going to try to buy your
attention and affection".

Your good intentions usually come across to women as over-compensation for insecurity,
and weak attempts at manipulation. That's right, I said that women see this as

#5: Sharing

“How You Feel” Too Early In

The Relationship With Her

Another huge and unfortunate mistake that most
men make with women is sharing how they "feel" too early on.

Attractive women are rare.

And they get a LOT of attention from men.

Most men don't realize this, but attractive
women are being approached in one way or another ALL THE

An attractive woman is often approached several
times a DAY by men who are interested. This translate into dozens of times per
week, and often HUNDREDS of times per month.

And guess what?

Attractive women have usually dated a LOT of

That's right. They have EXPERIENCE.

They know what to expect.

And one thing that turns an attractive women
off and sends her running away faster than just about anything is a guy who starts
saying "You know, I really, REALLY like you" after one or two dates.

This signals to the woman that you're just like
all the other guys who fall for her too fast... and can't control themselves.

Don't do it. Lean back. Relax.

There's a much better way...

#6: Not “Getting” How Attraction Works For Women

Women are VERY
different from men when it comes to ATTRACTION.

You need to accept this fact, and deal with it.

When a man sees a beautiful, young, sexy woman, he INSTANTLY feels a sexual

But does the same apply for women?

Do women feel sexual attraction to men based mostly on looks? Or is something
else going on?

Well, after studying this topic for over five full years now, I can tell you
that women usually have their "attraction mechanisms" triggered by things OTHER
than looks.

Have you ever noticed that you see a lot more average and unattractive men
with beautiful women than the other way around?

Think about it.

Women are more attracted to certain qualities in men... and they're attracted
to the way a man makes them FEEL than they are to looks alone.

If you know how to use your body language and communication correctly, you
can make women feel the same kind of powerful sexual attraction to you that YOU
feel when you see a hot, sexy young woman.

But it's not an accident. You have to LEARN how to do this.

And ANY guy can learn how...

MISTAKE #7: Thinking That It

Takes Money And Looks

One of the most
common mistakes that guys make is giving up before they've even gotten started...
because they think that attractive women are only interested in men who have looks
and money... or guys who are a certain height... or guys who are a certain age.

And sure, there are some women who are only interested in these things.

But MOST women are far more interested in a man's personality than his wallet
or his looks.

There are personality traits that attract women like a magnet...

And if you learn what they are and how to use them, YOU can be one of these

YOU DO NOT have to "settle" for a woman just because you aren't rich, tall,
or handsome.

Let me say this again: If you know how to use your body language and communication
correctly, you can make women feel the same kind of powerful sexual attraction
to you that YOU feel when you see a hot, sexy young woman.

#8: Giving Away

All Of Your Power To Women

Earlier I mentioned
that it's a mistake to look to a woman for approval or permission.

Well, another similar tactic that a lot of guys use is GIVING AWAY THEIR POWER
to women.

Said differently, guys try to get women to like them by doing whatever the
woman wants.

Another bad idea...

Women are NEVER attracted to men that they can walk all over... Women aren't
attracted to Wussies!

MISTAKE #9: Not Knowing

EXACTLY What To Do In Each

Type Of Situation With Women

Now I'm going to
blow your mind...

A woman ALWAYS knows what you're thinking.

Women are approximately TEN TIMES better than men at reading body language.
That's ten TIMES.

I know, it might be hard to believe. But for example, if you're out on a date
with a woman, and you want to kiss her, she knows it.

And if you don't know exactly what to do and exactly HOW to kiss her, and
you just sit there looking at her and getting nervous, she won't help!

And this goes for ALL aspects of women and dating...

Approaching a woman, getting her number, asking her out, kissing her, getting
physical... everything.

If you don't know what to do in each situation, you will probably screw it

And you KNOW it.

It is VITALLY important that you know EXACTLY how to go from one step to the
next with a woman... from the first meeting, all the way to the bedroom.

MISTAKE #10: Not Getting HELP

This is the biggest mistake of all.

This is the mistake that keeps most men from EVER having the kind of success
with women that they truly want.

I know, guys don't like to make themselves look weak or helpless. We don't
like to ask for help.

Hey, I've been there myself.

Let me tell you a little about me and how I figured out how to be successful
with women...

About five years ago I became fed up with the fact that I didn't know how
to approach, meet, and get dates with women that I was attracted to.

It frustrated the hell out of me.

One night I was out with a friend, and I saw a woman I wanted to ask out,
but I just couldn't get up the nerve to do it. I can still remember that night...
right on the spot I made the decision to do whatever it took to learn how to be
successful with women and dating.

Well, after a lot of hard work and trying all kinds of crazy things, I finally
figured it all out.

I can now approach just about any woman and get her number almost instantly.
I've dated models, I've dated actresses, and I've dated nice, normal, regular
girls as well.

It has been a very rewarding experience. I no longer feel that sick, insecure
feeling... like I don't know how to meet women... and I might wind up alone.

I know that anytime, anywhere, I can go out and meet attractive women.

I've written a book on the topic, and I've done seminars on both coasts of
the United States... and taught tens of thousands of men all around the world.

I Now Have A FREE, Three-Times-

A-Week Email Newsletter...

the REALLY GREAT news is that I now publish a free email newsletter three times
a week that teaches any guy how to increase his success with women DRAMATICALLY.

And I'd like to invite you to sign up.

It's free, there's no obligation, I'll never share your email address with
anyone, and you can easily remove yourself anytime with no hassles (and no, I'll
never pull any of these tricks where I send you a bunch of unwanted junk email
when you try to remove yourself).

Of course, it even get's better than that...

In addition to my free email newsletter, I also have a killer downloadable
eBook that you can download right now and be reading in literally MINUTES from
right now.

It's JAM PACKED with dozens and dozens of specific strategies for overcoming
fear, approaching women, getting phone numbers and email address from women quickly,
great inexpensive or even free date ideas, and how to take things to a "physical"
level smoothly and easily.

To sign up for my free three-times-a-week newsletter AND download your copy
of this online eBook, just go here:

Free Newsletter
And Download eBook

And One More Thing...

In this day and
age of "instant gratification", I realize that this might just sound like another
late-night info-mercial promising to make you rich by next week.

Well, that's not the case.

I've spent a lot of time, effort, and energy writing this eBook. I wanted
to design and create a program that ANY guy could easily understand and start
using IMMEDIATELY to meet and date more women... without having to lie, do dishonest
things, or be "manipulative".

I now believe that ANY man can be more successful with women and dating, and
I get emails every day with success stories from guys who are using this program
to meet and date wonderful women.

I know, I know... an ebook that can teach a regular guy how to be more successful
in the dating world? No way.

Well believe me, this program will DRAMATICALLY increase your success with
women... I absolutely guarantee it 100%.

If you'd like to take your success with women and dating to the next level,
and have the kind of success that you've always wanted, then go sign up for my
free newsletter, get all the details, and check out some great free samples of
the eBook located here:

Newsletter And Download eBook

I'll talk to you again soon.

Your Friend,


Do some friends a favor, and FORWARD this article to their
email addresses. It might be the biggest gift you ever give them.


Copyright 2004 David DeAngelo Communications Inc., All Rights Reserved. David
DeAngelo and Double Your Dating are trademarks of David DeAngelo Communications

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Date:December 29th, 2006 08:33 pm (UTC)


u tried any of his stuff?
Date:December 29th, 2006 09:44 pm (UTC)

Re: hey

and they work! it even scary how well they work
Date:December 30th, 2006 12:56 am (UTC)

Re: hey

so have you bought any of his stuff and wat was ur success rate b4 and wat now?... share some interesting story man, not just highlights aye!

Date:December 30th, 2006 05:25 am (UTC)

Re: hey

at first at registered for his free newsletter.
and he sent me new tip and success stories around three time a week.
"I start by trying how to approach a women online" Now this technique is very presomptuous and honestly i was scare to even try that one but i did and it worked!
this is what you do ( by the way this is mostly to kind of do some training)
work best on chat room, facebook, myspace etc...
find the mostly complimented girl you know the one that people always say: you are so beautiful, you are cute , I like your eyes etc... all that wussy crap...
and you come and say : "You aren't one of those bratty girls are you?"
HER: What if I want to be?
ME: Because then I'd
have to spank you... ME: nah, you might like it
too much if I did (TOOK A SHOT IN THE DARK ON THIS
HER: You're right, I would (BINGO! HIT THE
ME: Hmmmmm
HER: You can't handle it?
ME:Oh that's not the problem, I usually don't have
sex on the first date...

I tried that small technique on myspace. the scariest part is it worked. I went on a date with the girl(she's from my school)
why did that work Well i simply got her attention. every guys on campus traited her like a princess and then come me the cocky and funny guy.

this technique just came from the free email newsletter.
the cd series are just a bomb.
I think the message of David is that dating and human relation is a science that become an art. his job is to help us become artist on dating.
I haven't start reading the complete series. but i will start soon and if the free email are so powerful I think the series will just bring my game to another level
you should check out the free email newsletter its a blast!!!!!
Free Dating Tips Newsletter And Download eBook
Date:January 3rd, 2007 12:53 am (UTC)

Re: hey

so are you telling me you tried this on one of your schoolmate and it worked? and hey u didn't share what kinda guy was you before and have you tried any of it outside, i mean to strangers, women in malls, libraries etc...?
Date:January 3rd, 2007 05:56 am (UTC)

Re: hey

the girl that I tried I can consider as a stranger.
i met her at facebook I don't if you know the website
its like myspace. as far as library i think i tried once but that was just for starting up and maintaining a conversation with a girl that i don't know
as far as what kind of guy i was
well honestly my game was not that bad. I already knew how to talk to women(at least that what i thought)
so before i never really saw the need to buy that kind of program. but i was just curious and registered firt for the newsletter and Wow I discovered many small techniques, things that I never realized. I am talking for me I will not say that the program made me discover another universe, i was already aware about that universe but it definetly , i repeat definetely polish my game.
look go ahead try it. try first the free newsletter, you will receive testimonial from other peoples too.
that the best way to really answer to your question just register for the free newslleter and see for yourself.

Free Dating tips Newslleter and Dowload Ebook
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